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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Agent P Replacing Kim Possible Fast Passes at EPCOT

Many people are aware that utilizing the FP system is one of the best ways to get in to your most favorite theme park rides while on a tight schedule.  And while FP distribution has not been limited to just rides, there are several attractions that also use these handy little passes.  One of these is the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.  It was launched in 2009 as a fun activity park guests would enjoy as they are traveling and visiting the different countries at EPCOT's World Showcase.  The activity resembled an electronic scavenger hunt where a 'Kimmunicator' device powered by Verizon (looked very much like a flip phone) would talk to you, give you clues, and allowed you to 'activate' special hidden scenarios.  Each clue, when solved, would allow you to locate the remaining clues and ultimately lead you to catching the villain and successfully completing your mission.  There were at least 5 different stations where you would check in and hand your park ticket to a Kim Possible recruitment cast member.  They would then hand you a Kim Possible FP ticket that would be your time to come back to pick up your Kimmunicator and begin your mission.  The FP would say to "report to the team possible field station at ______."  There were only three possible field stations where you would begin the mission:  Italy, Norway, and International Gateway.  The pass would also state the time, date, and the number of guests that were invited to begin the mission.

 (photo by Tina Delaney;
Here is a photograph of one of these field stations.  It was also themed according to its location just like most of the other field stations.

Where you report to begin your mission is not necessarily where your mission would be located.  Most of the countries at the World Showcase had a mission you could do.  If you already had completed one of those in a previous visit you could just ask the cast member to start a different one elsewhere.  I attempted several of the missions at EPCOT, including Japan, France, Morocco, and Italy.  I can honestly say that it was pretty fun as an adult to walk around and do something else other than buy food and alcohol (which many people end up doing anyway at this area of the park).  I find that this activity was widely popular given the incessant beeping of these Kimmunicator devices as they would spring up all over world showcase in and around the pavilions.  It was well organized and even had little interesting bits of historical information as you went around learning about stolen artifacts and historical persons.  If you are familiar with the Kim Possible animated television series you would see your favorite characters guide you through your mission.

The Kim Possible FP has a blue banner with the "KP" logo at the top.  The three variations of the fast passes all have the same banner, but have the three different field stations where you would be given the Kimmunicator device to begin your mission.  The stations were Italy, Norway, and International Gateway.  If you had any problems finding the field station you could always ask a fellow cast member or look at your park map for its locations.  The stations were each equipped with several electronic touch screens that would allow the cast member to scan your fast pass and it would randomly select a mission for you to begin.  If you wanted another mission you had to specifically request it.Getting these FP were a matter of luck since each FP return would be randomly selected as well.  When your park ticket was scanned, the computer would select either one of the three locations to return to receive the tools and information you needed for the mission.  After you received the devices and completed the mission assigned, you would be asked if you wanted to continue to another country to begin yet another mission.  This means that there was only one FP for the entire party.  Also, the FP was only given to your party before beginning any of the missions and not in between missions.  When you reported to the field station, the cast member would also take your party's fast pass.  In order to collect all of these, you would have had to have visited the park on several visits and not have reported to the field stations to begin the missions.  Ordinarily, this is what collecting these FP would entail.  Knowing that Kim Possible would be closing within a few days of my visit, I just asked a cast member if I could have one from each field station.

On March 13, 2012 Disney announced that the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure would be replaced by another similarly themed storyline, Agent P's World Showcase Adventure.  Agent P is based off of the Disney animated television series Phineas and Ferb.  Perry the Platypus is co-named Agent P as he is a detective disguised as a pet platypus.  His archenemy, and the main villain in this new attraction is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.  There will also be missions similar to Kim Possible, and fast passes to direct you to field stations.  The Kim Possible attraction recently closed on March 18, 2012, with the new Agent P attraction predicted to open in late June of this year.   You can read more about the official Disney blog at Agent P World Showcase Adventure.

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